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Twisted Lines was founded on a creative idea to take well known characters from anime, comics and video games and make them into our own unique original creations . Starting with a simple squid plushie, which was inspired by Japanese children's food, the tako sausage, the Squid Dog was born. We made our debut at the 2011 Oni-Con in Galveston, TX where we gained a lot of recognition for our bizarre but adorable squids. From there on, we have been traveling to different conventions all around Texas trying to bring cheer from our silly squids.
We're just another lover of Anime in Houston
We are a family oriented business based out of Houston, TX bringing our ideas to life, one squid at a time. Collaborating as whole, we always brainstorm on what we can do better to please our customers, and what characters need to be created next. All our products are 100 percent hand-crafted, giving them a unique personality.

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