Our Guarantee Policy

  Every Customer is special to us.

We hold our self to High standards with all our creation.

   We Quality inspected each and every Item.

                   From each creation to the shipping process.

 We use new material in all our creation.

           We use hypoallergenic Materials and stuffing.

We Carefully Inspect and Packed  to insure a

Great experience for you upon arrival at your home..

    Thanks from our Family to your.

 Cons Videos

Our Mission

                  Everything we sell each is Handcrafted.

            Made in the U.S.A.We support our local supplier

           and supplier from are all over this county.

        Helping to support a local economy and their families.

       We don't have a factory doing mass production for us.

       We create only limited quantity and like all handcrafted

     Creations slight imperfection add to the charm and uniqueness

   no two are exactly alike so you'll get that one of a kinds unique    creations Our Mission is Bringing one Smile at a time